Given the enormous amount of encouragement, generosity, and continued support over the last month, we felt obliged to create a separate page to honor those individuals, organizations, and couples that have taken it upon themselves to insure that our trek across America would not be in vain. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone that has, in some way or another (be it moral support or the occasional monetary stimulus), contributed to our cause and effort to send Anessah and her family to Disneyland. 
    To those of you soley interested in the blog, we apologize for the tardiness of our updates and thank you for your undying support (especially Eric Lewis). Also, if you have ordered a shirt and have not yet received it, fear not. We recently made an order that will undoubtedly guarantee all of our newly acquired fans a quality product and a speedy delivery.
    As of September 1st, we have raised over $3700 to send Anessah and her family to Disneyland but would like to continue raising money until the end of September, so let's not be stingy with those check books. 

Below is a recently updated version of our "thank you list". Thank you for your donations, interest, and encouragement. Carry on.

Official All-Star Team:
(In no particular order)

Rotary International
Jake Scott
Affinity Web Development
Brad Thompson
Built On Athletics (BOA)
Sigma Chi Fraternity
CGI Group
Briggs Adams
Lisa Chernikoff
Terry and Kathy Brower
Kim Knudson and Family
Mike and Ginger White
Curtis Woodworth
Kelly Sueoka
Chrissy and Grandpa Knudson
Joe Reams
Construction Mike
Sonya and Louie Knudson
Tom LaForest
Dan and Melissa Green and Family
Mike and Sandra Owsley and Family
Rob Chapman
Ryan Lagod and Family
Don and Brett Meyer and Family
Christopher Lundin
Craig Lundin
Stella and Dave Sandquist and Family
Steven Burmahl
Gene and Beverly Hyde
Michael Liepman and Family
Phylis Jan Foster
Jerry and Laura Jones and Family
Bo Byrnes
Dr. Bass Vision Center
Lori Kerr
Youlanda Bates
Hillary Arnold Koning
Jim and Kiley Floyd
John Turkenburg
Gregory Miller Law
Ken and Mona Carr

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